8 must haves to run your online boutique

Hey loves, I’m back again with more gems for your online boutique. Today I want to talk about 8 must haves for your online boutique. These are all the things needed to help your business run smoothly. 

1. Shipping packages— did you know you can get free shipping packages from your post office. Visit USPS.com to check it out.

2. Scale– you will need a scale to weigh your packages so that way you know how much postage will cost. Guess what you can get a free scale from stamps.com.

3. label printer– this is to print out your postage to put on your packages for shipping. You can order this from amazon.com

4. Storage units– If you’re just starting out and you don’t have a lot of inventory a few storage bins will do. You can get those usually from your local dollar store or Walmart or target.

5. Thank you cards— thank you cards are important because it’s also another way of marketing. You can get customized thank you cards with your website url on it from vista.com at a low cost. This also leaves a great impression on your customers.

6. Computer– yes while there are things you can do on your phone, to run your online boutique more efficiently you will need a computer. 

7. Printer-– a regular printer is also needed to print out your invoices or for printing packing slips to send to your customers. 

8. Scotch tape– depending on how large your packages may be you will need tape to secure your packages. You can order in bulk from amazon.com.

I hope this was helpful. Please comment below any other information you would like to know. 




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