Want to start your online boutique but don’t have the funds? Well these gems are for you!

If it’s your dream to start an online boutique, don’t let the lack of funds stop you.

Hello my name is Sophia and I’m the online ladies boutique owner of Gordon Sophia Collection. My boutique sells ladies clothing and accessories. I’ve recently re-vamped my online boutique with a new look and all new styles. 

I remember starting out with my t-shirt line Conceitedstylz in 2014. I had to research and figure out everything myself. I didn’t have a lot of money so I needed to find as much free things as possible to get started. It would have been a great help if someone were dropping free gems back then, but I did learn a lot doing my research. 

fast forward to now, I was able to grow from my t-shirt business to ladies fashion apparel but it was never easy. I stop and started a few times before I got to this point. Don’t ever be afraid to start over until you get it right. So now I’ve learned quite a few things about the online boutique business and still learning something new everyday. 

So let’s get into why we’re really here! I have a few free gems to drop for my new boutique owners just starting out with little or no funds.

1. where to find vendors in the U.S.: www.fashiongo.net or www.lashowroom.com yes you will need a resale certificate and a TIN number to sign up for these vendors but all is free. 
2. Free e-commerce website: www.freewebstore.com

3. You can use fiverr.com to create a logo for as little as $5.00! If you can afford a website I recommend using Shopify but you can also get one created on fiverr for under $100 and will look very professional. 

So these are just a few free jems for now. I will do another blog post more in details about how to get your resale certificate, what is a resale certificate for and also how to obtain your free TIN#. 

Hope this is helpful for someone. Stay tuned more to come. 



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    Great post, lots of insights, this is a hidden gem. Simple and to the point. Keep going, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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