About Us

Gordon Sophia Collection was born in mid 2016 originally to just make additional income. I've always love fashion and love to dress up. Whenever i was going out anywhere i would picture how i want to look before i start putting my outfit together. One problem always arise, i didn't always have the funds to buy all the pieces to make the outfit idea a reality, so i would have to improvise... did that a lot. 

Fast forward to now, as my boutique business began to grow i really wanted to cater more to ladies that may have the same struggles as i did. Want to look a certain way but didn't really have the funds to do so. So now when i shop for my boutique, i usually have my financially savvy ladies in mind. We offer women clothing that exudes vibrancy and encourages individuality. We encourage our #GSDolls to find cool ways to make conventional pieces stand out and encourage them to mix and match our pieces, as well as incorporate them into their already existing wardrobe. I want to inspire women to be unapologetically themselves and to be comfortable in their outfit choices. 

We offer clothing for women who love basics, but don't want to look basic. You'll also find the comfiest and most affordable styles. You can expect to NEVER break the bank at Gordon Sophia Collection... unless you choose to fill your cart up with all things you love!

Our favorites ladies are #GSDolls who aren't afraid to wear the same outfit twice simply because she loves it. She finds different ways to express who she is through her clothing on an everyday basis.

A #GSDoll is confident in what she says, what she does and of course what she wears. She does not conform to society’s view of what a woman should be, how she should act or what she should look like. This woman is uniquely and unapologetically herself 24/7.